Coral Red Chilkat One Piece Swimsuit

Coral Red Chilkat One Piece Swimsuit

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Machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not iron or bleach.


Since every piece is custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Your print will cover the front and back of the one-piece / The backside will mirror the front / Body is 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane / Hand-wash only / Made in our studio (Shanghai).

I am proud to say i no longer print these textiles and papers in my studio, I am maximizing my creative time and i am paying to have my work printed outside of my home...

I have been wanting to release styles like this and be able to print like this for a long time, its a turn of events in my career to be able to offer such a variety of strong styles of garment patterns. I am sourcing this more complicated construction garment overseas allowing my brand and my art to be able to reach more of the styles that you want.

I am now taking this further, mixing and matching styles colors and art work........ printing on both cotton and poly blends and the brightest colors.

I will thank all of you by being ever creative and sharing this wonderful culture and art style left by our ancestors.

- Alano Edzerza